Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Issue 2 page 24

Who are these mysterious people? Other pirates? Well, this is the last page of issue 2 so stay tuned for the next issue to find out!
Thursday I'll start uploading guest comics, and I got some great ones!


  1. Is that Mary? Cause she seems pretty okay with everything right now...

  2. Mary appears to be missing a kidney... either that, or she has a fresh tattoo that can't be exposed to the sun yet. Or it's a tattoo of a bandage, which would be awesome.

  3. Naw, that's not Mary.
    A wound from having a kidney removed would probably be more on the side or on the back, so I imagine that it's a simple stab-wound. How she got it you're free to guess, I doubt any explanation I could come up with would be better!