Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Comic, by Keith Taylor

Our next comic is by Keith Taylor. I confess that my knowledge of black holes is somewhat dubious but as I understand it, it's true nobody knows exactly what happens to an object after crossing the event horizon. Though I think it's generally agreed that there's a lot of crushing involved. Apparently it involves some skull-face action too!
What's pretty awesome about this page is that there was a first version of it where the colors were slightly off, considering that it's a guest page for a comic that's in black and white I didn't think that was a problem. Keith then took it upon himself to go back and fix the colors, 'cause Keith Taylor don't half-ass nothin'!
Keith Taylor's best known for drawing The Devon Legacy Prologue, which was posted on Drunk Duck in its entirety before the site crash and is now posting on Comic Fury. So hey, if you're ever in the mood for a Sci-Fi action series go ahead and check out the Devon Legacy.


  1. "'cause Keith Taylor don't half-ass nothin'!"

    My new slogan!

    I'm actually pretty lazy. But I know I wince when ppl draw/color my characters incorrectly XD

  2. Hey, it's an appropriate slogan! For seriously.

    You know I'm sort of tempted to do fanart of Fenny with sky-blue skin and green outfit hanging out with a Sally with lavender hair and matching eyes. This is what my life is like-- constantly fighting the urge to be obnoxious.