Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Issue 2 page 20

And the deal is made! I wanted Jack's fake license to have a more mechanical-looking lettering style and look slightly out of place. Any sane person would have downloaded a decent font and made it with Photoshop, however I am a crazy person. That said, I made a mock-up of the license with a typewriter.
Now for something rather embarrassing seeing as how I don't like asking for favors, Issue Two is wrapping up and Issue Three is being drawn but I'd like to at least have it be mostly done when I start posting. So, if anyone would be up for doing a one-off guest comic I'd be very grateful. Anyone?


  1. Now I want one!!!

    Do you have any particular stories you'd like someone to draw? Or just make 1 page ourselves however we want?

    Totally shipping Jack and Alder!!!

  2. You can do pretty much whatever you like, just nothing *too* explict. Shipping, eh? Well, they are on a ship together.