Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Issue 2 page 18

It would be really helpful for theses two if one of them was "street smart," unfortunately neither of them really are. Bummer.
My weekend was pretty awesome, my drawing buddy Virginia introduced me to her friend Yumi Sakugawa. Yumi makes some beautiful comics and you should totally check her stuff out.


  1. How do you know so many people in real life that draw D8 I knew like 2 and I have no idea where 1 went and the other moved FAR away! Jealous!!!!

    At least they know Dan will be honest!

  2. As I understand it Portland has more artists in general. I met Virginia when I hosted a drawing night and we became friends. As for Yumi, I can't say that I know her-- I only met her one time but she does seem really cool.