Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Issue 3 page 1

Finally starting issue 3.

As many of you are already aware Dylan Williams of Sparkplug Comics has died this last weekend. Truthfully I myself am still adjusting like many cartoonists out there and learning how to say goodbye. In and interview I found from last year when Dylan was asked who his favorite artist in comics was he responded with a huge list of names and admitted there were several others he could list, he then followed it up by saying "I feel like we are living in a new golden age of comics. Maybe not with the financial rewards of the olden days but there are so many really honest to goodness artists making comics these days that it is an both overwhelming and inspiring."
As it happens this page that I just posted is associated with Dylan too. When I was roughing out the page Dylan happened to be in the room and when I left the page on the table while I went out to do something he drew a word balloon in the first panel. By the time I came back the girl on the right with the funny hair was saying "Patrick is so cool!"
There have been others that have wrote about Dylan's passing like Sarah Oleksyk, Theo Ellsworth and Virginia Paine. If anyone wants to share their own Dylan Williams stories in the comments section that's just fine with me.


  1. She looks pretty worried about that floating Calico Jack title :P

    A very touching author's note as well. I am sorry for the loss. Sounds like this person touched a LOT of people.

  2. She's worried that it's increasingly apparent that she's not the main character.

    Dylan did touch a lot of people's lives. There have been several people that have said that he was the first one to buy their minicomic, or that he inspired them to keep making comics. Needless to say this has been rough on a lot of people and not just me. I'm really not sure what else to say.