Monday, May 9, 2011

Issue 2 page 3

Time to start up the ship!
I have occasionally pondered what Alder's Energy Crisis drinks might be like, probably fizzy and bad for you. That said, when I was drawing the thumbnails for this issue it occured to me as Jack was running he was also sort of shaking the drink up. So then I drew this:

I guess assume that it took place later and off panel.


  1. Man, it doesn't matter if it's this reality or another one. This isn't Alder's day. She either gets sorta kidnapped in one reality and Energy drink fizzed in another one :P

    Though I guess if that's the worse she got in the other one then she's better off XD

  2. That's assuming there are only two realities, I'm sure that in at least one reality she's a supervillain that managed to take over a major metropolitan city with a giant laser. In that reality she had a very good day.